About Us

 The Human Research Development Centre, Ranchi is India's premier institution for the up-gradation of knowledge and skills of college and university teachers. It provides world-class education to teacher participants from all over India and abroad every year.

All over India 66 Human Research Development Centres were created by the UGC as a place where special short-term courses could be run for serving teachers from institutions of higher education.

Two kinds of courses are the mainstay of the HRDC:

(a) The Refresher Course, which exposes teachers to the latest developments in their respective disciplines.
(b) The Orientation Course which seeks to introduce the freshly recruited teacher to the challenging vocation of teaching in today's India.

Around 20 such one-month courses are run every year in the Human Research Development Centre, with two courses usually being conducted simultaneously. The courses offered are on a wide variety of fields ranging from History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics and International Relations to Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Physics, Biotechnology, Computer Science and foreign languages.

The Human Research Development Centre, Ranchi University is known to provide an excellent atmosphere for scholars to mingle and debate issues of contemporary relevance. The prevailing ethos is one of free speech and a collective Endeavour in the search for knowledge.

A major effort of the Human Research Development Centre, Ranchi University is to expose its teacher participants from the social sciences as well as the natural sciences to the use of computers and Internet for the purposes of teaching and research. Hands-on experience in the use of Internet is given to all participants. A free on-line library is also in the process of being set up on Internet, which participants may access from their hometowns.

Our classrooms are well equipped with public address systems, overhead projectors and slide projectors. All out-station participants stay in hostel rooms on the campus.